7 Reasons You Should be Watching Bless Online


Gorgeous MMORPGs from Korea are very in at the moment thanks to beautiful graphics and a near insatiable need for new, amazing games to play. Now that Black Desert Online has reached our shores, at least in beta, it’s no surprise that fans are looking to Korea for the beautiful MMO coming our way.

Bless Online MMORPG Desert

This is where Bless Online comes in. You may have heard it mentioned a few times. But what is it about Bless Online that has captured the attention of ravenous MMO players? To start with it’s being developed by Neowiz who are putting an immense amount of pride in their work, and are willing to back it up with money, a lot of money. So far in the 7 years the game has been in development they’ve spent $56 Million USD! They even delayed the game because it doesn’t yet meet their high standards.

Of course a massive amount of money and pretty graphics only get you so far. Thankfully there are many more reasons you should be watching Bless Online. In fact  the list of reasons could go on forever instead have a look at just seven.


7 Reasons You Have to Keep an Eye on Bless Online