Hands-on with King of Wushu Wuxia MOBA


What happens when you combine the world of Wuxia and the most popular gaming trend of 2014? You get King of Wushu, a MOBA from Snail Games based in the Age of Wushu universe. For those who don’t know Wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction that deals with martial arts in Ancient China like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. King of Wushu is the first Wuxia MOBA in the world and currently available on console in China. After a short delay the PC version is now available to play, sadly not in the west just yet though.

King of Wushu Wuxia MOBA

A rarity in the MOBA genre King of Wushu is also in the third person camera view. With a unique theme and a rarely used camera angle the gameĀ is sure to turn a few heads when it launches worldwide. But can it compete in the eSports scene? Will it get lost in the vast sea of MOBAs that have been released? Only time can answer these questions.

One question that can be answered now however is: How does it play on PC? King of Wushu will be available on PC and Xbox One.


Find out how King of Wushu plays on PC