Durango Developer Interview


Durango is an upcoming mobile survival sandbox MMORPG being developed by What! Studios under the massive umbrella that is Nexon. What! Studios is based in Korea which is where the beta will begin. Durango is another game following the recent trend of sandbox survival games featuring dinosaurs.  You won’t hear any complaints from us. Gaming could always use more dinosaurs. But there is so much more still unknown about this title, which is itself quite an exciting prospect.


Though Durango is currently limited to Korea they do have plans for a worldwide release complete with localization in several languages. They hope to launch the unique MMORPG in 2016 with future more widely released betas taking place before then.

It might be time to replace that old phone of yours in favor of something a little more powerful.

Learn more about the MMO, the studio behind it, and their hopes and dreams for the title in an all new interview with Project Leader and Head of What! Studios, Eunseok Yi who previously worked on Vindictus. He gives insight into the inspiration for Durango, what crafting will be like, and much more.


Find out more about the unique mobile sandbox Durango in the developer interview with Eunseok Yi.