February 15th in MMO History


Hundreds of MMOs have come and gone since the genre first started 20 years ago. Throughout the year we will be cataloging the launches, expansions, major accomplishments, and sadly the shutdowns as well day by day. Much of this information is lost, buried in the archives of the internet.


February 15th in MMO History


2003 – A Tale in the Desert (ATITD) Launches
A Tale in the Desert Ancient Egypt MMORPG
A Tale in the Desert, the only MMORPG based in Ancient Egypt

Non-combat social MMORPG A Tale in the Desert launched on February 15th, 2003 after three years of beta testing. It has always enjoyed a small dedicated core following and is still playable today and still updated by developers. It also has the distinction of being the only MMORPG to be based in Ancient Egypt. It is also one of just a small handful of titles that still use a subscription. Though you can try it out for 24 for free. Which frankly is a great way to get people hooked.


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