June 2nd in MMO History


Hundreds of MMOs have come and gone since the genre first started 20 years ago. Throughout the year we will be cataloging the launches, expansions, major accomplishments, and sadly the shutdowns as well day by day. Much of this information is lost, buried in the archives of the internet.


2003 – Toontown Online Launches

Toontown Online Launch June 2nd in MMO History
Toontown Online was marketed to children of all ages.


Toontown Online was a child friendly MMORPG from Disney Interactive that launched on June 2nd 2003 and shut down 10 years later in September of 2013. In it players were cartoon characters (toons) who were fighting a battle against Cogs as well as having a number of non-combat activities. Today Toontown Online lives on in unofficial private servers.

2015 – Heroes of the Storm Launches

Heroes of the Storm Launch June 2nd in MMO History
Blizzard brings popular characters from their other titles to create Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard enters the MOBA eSports scene with the massively popular Heroes of the Storm. With pleasing aesthetics and characters that every Blizzard fan knows and loves Heroes of the Storm managed to hit all the right buttons for a hit game. Today the free to play title is innovating the genre, introducing characters played by two people and holding massive college level tournaments watched by millions.