June 4th in MMO History


Hundreds of MMOs have come and gone since the genre first started 20 years ago. Throughout the year we will be cataloging the launches, expansions, major accomplishments, and sadly the shutdowns as well day by day. Much of this information is lost, buried in the archives of the internet. Find out what happened on June 4th in MMO History.


2013 – Marvel Heroes Launch

Marvel Heroes June 4th in MMO History

Marvel Heroes launched in 2013 to a less than stellar reception, but just a few months of work and a rebranding later and things turned completely around for Marvel Heroes. With tie-ins for every Marvel movie and constant updates it enjoys great popularity.

2015 – Wander Launch

Wander MMO June 4th in MMO History

Indie combat-free MMO Wander launched in 2015, sadly it faced massive bug issues and people had a hard time working out what they should be doing. There have been no messages from the developers since the end of 2015, leaving some to wonder if the MMO has been abandoned.