200,000 New World of Warcraft Players in China Thanks to the Movie


At a time when it seems, there’s no one left in the world who hasn’t played World of Warcraft China has managed to find more than 200,000 new players! Chinese players are posting screenshots of queues to log in as WoW sees a massive spike in popularity. With less than 2 months to go until Legion launches, this is very good news indeed for Blizzard who has stopped releasing subscriber numbers after a massive downward trend seen with WoW’s less than popular Warlords of Draenor expansion.

We already know that China is responsible for half of the revenue for Warcraft, the blockbuster film based on World of Warcraft. The movie has made $422,095,150 worldwide. It’s clear that Warcraft has a huge audience in China.


The subscription model for World of Warcraft in China is very different to what you’d ever see in the West but is quite popular in the East. There you don’t pay for WoW every month, instead, you pay by the hour. This reflects the different gaming scene they have in that part of the world where most people don’t own PCs and instead the PC Cafe is alive and well. It isn’t really all that hard to believe there areĀ 200,000 new World of Warcraft players in China when all is said and done.


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