Bless Confirms a Western Release is Planned


Bless is one of those gorgeous Korean MMOs that looked like it would never make it to the west. Developers Neowiz announced at G-Star 2015 in November that the title would be on hold indefinitely and so it looked as though the dream of the MMO would never be a reality. Thankfully open beta testing in Korea started back up at the end of January. Now Bless confirms a western release is planned. In an interview translated by BlessSource a developer states that they do still plan on having a global release, including North America and Europe, but that right now their focus is on Korea.


This comes at the same time as rumors surface that Daum, the makers of Black Desert Online, our other favorite gorgeous Korean MMO may be the publishers in the West. How likely are these rumors to be true? It’s difficult to say. It would seem like being a direct competitor of yourself wouldn’t be in your best interests, but at the same time you would be getting all of the money for two games instead of one. So who knows! Only time will tell.

We will of course be keeping a close eye on this and report on any updates as soon as they come in. Until then we continue to drool over the beautiful screenshots.


Source: BlessSource