First Warcraft Toys Spotted On Shelves


Warcraft may not be in cinemas for another 135 days but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start buying merchandise! That’s right, the first Warcraft toys have been spotted. Twitter user @ntsfilm found the toys in a Toys R Us and posted a photo tagging Warcraft director Duncan Jones. In delight he declared they’re his first legit movie toy tie-in.

Others have since rushed to their local Toys R Us to report that sadly they’ve not hit the shelves there yet. Though really it is only a matter of time. The toys are small figurines of Lothar and Blackhand, complete with mounts. If you’re going out to your local Toys R Us keep an eye out in the action figure aisle near Godzilla.

First Warcraft Toys

Though this is undeniably fantastic news for Duncan Jones and something for him to be proud of it does raise a question. Has the hype train left the station too early? Is 4 and a half months too early to start getting excited for a movie? Many fans have already been hyped for quite some time but typically when the toys start to appear that’s when the hype train really picks up momentum. Is it too early for toys? Will you be rushing out to buy these?


Source: Twitter via BlizzardWatch

  • Definitely not too early! I totally want a little gryphon for my “cool things” shelf.

  • Calomel

    Aww, yes! I really hope there will be a Garona figure. My daughter thinks she’s cool and loves everything Warcraft.