Guild Wars 2 Salvation Pass Raid Coming, Plus Gliding, and More


As 2016 is just getting started the developers at Arenanet working on Guild Wars 2 have put together an outline of what is coming in the near and not so near future.

The first quarterly update of 2016 is coming on January 26th, bringing with it a handful of fantastic changes, and a few that have left people scratching their heads. Biggest of all is bringing gliding to central Tyria. That’s right! You will be able to glide anywhere in Guild Wars 2. Happy days!

Guild Wars 2 Shatterer

The Shatterer encounter is getting a buff! Shatterer has always been one of my personal favorite encounters. He’s amazing looking and the community gathering around him is always in high spirits. So seeing him get a boost is a welcome change. Though what will this do to the popularity of Tequatl? Only time will tell.

Participation for events is changing! Now you’ll be able to get rewards for taking part in an event when your job is buffing and healing your allies. Seems to be another addition bringing Guild Wars 2 more in line with the ever so traditional holy trinity.

There are also changes for Fractals, WvW, and UI.


They also outlined the events they have planned between now and the end of March including the Lunar New Year event, the launch of the second raid wing; Salvation Pass, PvP League launch, and the Pro League finals.

Looking beyond there’s the Living World Season 3, more Fractal updates, and the promised massive WvW update. All of this and not a single new image of any kind.


Source: GW2 State of the Game