Is Guild Wars 2 Considering Bans for Star Wars Spoilers?


Is Guild Wars 2 Considering Bans for Star Wars Spoilers? A thread popped up on the official Guild Wars 2 forums over the weekend discussing the issue of Star Wars Episode VII spoilers appearing both in map chat and in the LFG tool. Gaile Gray, ArenaNet Forum Communications Team Lead took some time to add her thoughts to the discussion, encouraging players to report any instance of spoilers seen out in the world.


She also went on to add that she would ask for a more official position from Customer Support, but for now her recommendation is that players should flag any spoiler filled comments and let the officials decide what to do with it from there.

This stance has of course stirred quite a controversy, not everyone seems to agree with Gaile. Many people asking questions on how it will be decided in the future, how long people have to wait before talking about things, and more.

There certainly isn’t an easy answer to this difficult scenario. The debate will of course continue on the forums and Reddit even after Customer Support makes a decision. No matter the outcome there will be some displeasure, how much and the fallout from it all remains to be seen. What do you think of the idea of issuing bans for spoilers? Is it needed? A step too far?

MMOWatcher will be keeping a close eye on this story to hear what ArenaNet’s Customer Support decides.


Source: Official Forums, Reddit

  • Brandon Fitzsimmons

    Seriously? Use your in game block feature… this is an abuse of the report tool. What is this nonsense. People can’t publicly talk about something because you haven’t hat the time to experience it yourself. Wow this is insanity. What kind of bs policing is this?

  • Michael Clarke

    i quite agree. Sanctioning a player for what they choose to discussion with other players is pure lunacy And ample grounds for a litigation lawsuit as well, if no anti-discrimination statutes are broken…..

    • Marino van der Zalm

      That’s why there is this “spoiler-alert” thing and you have to press a button to actually see the real spoilers… on wiki… that’s not possible in the game itself, nor would people use it because the are lazy or they just want to troll and mess other’s experiences up…