Plans for the World of Darkness IP Have Been Revealed


Plans for the World of Darkness IP have been revealed at a recent fan event. In 2014 CCP announced the World of Darkness MMO they were working on was to be cancelled as they became a studio that focused entirely on EVE. World of Darkness and White Wolf were then bought by Paradox Interactive, known primarily for Cities Skylines and Europa Universalis. But after Paradox bought the IP there was silence.

Plans for the World of Darkness IP

That is, until now. During a World of Darkness fan even on December 12th, White Wolf CEO Tobias Sjögren and Lead Storyteller Martin Elricsson took to the stage to outline the plans for the World of Darkness IP, which sadly don’t seem to include the MMO which was already in early friends and family beta testing when it was cancelled.

What do they have planned? A tabletop RPG, Novels, a TCG, and an RPG for PC.

Sadly it looks like we won’t be pressing E to seduce anyone any time soon. But hopefully we will see that World of Darkness MMO eventually.

Get all the details on the World of Darkness plans from the fan event in a 40 minute long video which was posted on the White Wolf Youtube account last week.