Wildstar Launching on Steam and New Region Announced


Following in the footsteps of several other NCSoft games Carbine has announced Wildstar launching on Steam is now a reality. This is scheduled to take place sometime in the first half of 2016, though no exact date has been pinned down yet.

This wasn’t the only great news for Wildstar fans today though! Destination Arcterra, the next content update has been announced too. Arcterra is a newly discovered frozen wasteland filled with ancient technology and dangerous creatures. It’s a maximum level zone that offers content for solo and groups while giving all new rewards.


The update also introduces Chapter two of the Nexus Saga, continuing the Wildstar story. It does this in the Vault of the Archon, which can also be played solo or with friends. Carbine also teases about more to come involving undead zombie pirates and more coming soon.

It sounds like Wildstar players have quite a lot of excitement to look forward to this year already. Launching on Steam, if it goes like others have gone, will do wonderful things for the number of players. And new content will keep things fresh for a little while at least. This will hopefully calm the concerns some players have had about the future of the game.


Source: MMORPG, Press Release