Zenimax is Closing the European Customer Service Branch, Moving Some Jobs to India


Last week 300 temporary workers were laid off from the Zenimax Customer Service branch in Galway, Ireland. It has now come to light that Zenimax is closing the European Customer Service branch entirely, taking the non-English jobs to India while the English speaking customer service jobs will be handled by the North American Customer Service branch. Indeed this means that English speaking Europeans will have to work with North American times and holidays which differ from their own.

Zenimax Galway

This is in fact the second time that Zenimax has laid off such a large number of staff from Galway, the first time happening in the summer of 2014 when another 300 temporary staff were laid off. An anonymous source says Elder Scrolls Online failed to meet expectations, and this is when the layoffs started. By the start of 2015 it was clear more layoffs would be coming, but the shut down was a something of a surprise. As the jobs are still needed, but will now be outsourced to India or handled by the North American customer service agents.

This comes at the same time as it was announced the Elder Scrolls based card game Elder Scrolls Legends would be delayed until next year. With only a few days left in 2015 though, it seems like that was pretty obvious at this point.


Find out more about the Zenimax shutdown from an anonymous source who previously worked for Bethesda on the entire situation surrounding the closure and the full extent of the layoffs.