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We use Google Analytics to figure out how well received or not an article or news piece is. It helps us decide what sort of things we should be focusing on. Also every Friday we go through all the terms searched for on MMOWatcher and secretly judge you.


Disqus Comment System

When you leave a comment on MMOWatcher we know. We always know.¬†We’re watching. Don’t worry though, this is the internet, you can say anything you want and we won’t judge!


Selling Your Information to a Third Party

We would NEVER sell any of your user information to a third party. That just ain’t cool. But feel free to blame us next time your girlfriend/wife/mom sees you get an email from Playboy. We can take it.


Ad Policy

We hate ads. But we also really kinda like money. Unfortunately ads are the best way to get money from our hard work on our website. That’s why we do our very best to keep ads from being annoying. You should never see a video that plays automatically, you’ll never get a popup, popunder, popside, or popsicle. Basically, we want our ads to be as nonexistent¬†as possible. If you do see one of these types of ads then blame Google because all our ads come from them.

Oh and you will never, I mean NEVER see sponsored content on MMOWatcher. That stuff is the biggest pile of….piles and we hate it. All content on MMOWatcher is created by MMOWatcher writers and we will not allow anyone to just post anything.

On that note our words cannot be bought. All opinions are our own and though they may vary from person to person they belong to us. No company can offer us enough money for us to abandon this principle.


TL;DR: We won’t sell you to third parties, ads suck, our opinions are our own, and we use third party software to improve our site.